Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's about to get serious!!

Mood: BUSY!  ':D <-- me smiling, but sweating from running around and doing so much HWK!

Hello again!

So, this week is about to be crazy...I have 2 projects and 1 paper that I'm in the process of working on..and then there's the intermediate HWK assignments give...oh and next week I'll be in PORTLAND, OREGON for the entire week! :D Yes, although I am stressing the school thing right now, I am too excited about going to Portland for Grace Hopper..it's going to be wonderful. I even got to submit my resume this year so I may just come back with an internship for the summer! :) And what makes this trip even better (and possibly more nerve-wracking) is the fact that I will also be conducting interviews for my research at the Google in Portland...alone (I'm usually with my partner Yoonki). I have confidence simply because of the fact that I have been the one actually asking the questions for the most part in the interviews, but I've never done one completely solo. And on top of that I'll be in a new place, by myself, meeting with contacts and arranging interviews...by myself.. It should be interesting.

And then, the week AFTER Grace Hopper I will be going to Mountain View, CALIFORNIA to do more interviews at Google. This I am even more excited about because I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Florida and on top of that we're going to the Google of ALL Googles...and it's going to be epic. The only thing I really need to figure out is what our schedule's going to be looking like, which is a task for Yoonki and myself, because everything else has pretty much been taken care of. I should be getting more details on both of my upcoming trips tomorrow at our weekly meeting so I'll give more details later...and TUNE IN next week for (hopefully) day-by-day updates on what I'm doing and how things are going during my travels :)

On a not so wonderful note, I have been working on a project for Networks for the past 2 weeks and it is kicking my butt...I haven't programmed in a minute so I was a little rusty at first..but my logic seems to be correct but some of my numbers that are being produced are oh so wrong. Things have been so hectic, and with the weather changing my immune system has been freaking out (seems like everyone's getting sick and I REALLY don't want to!). I'm just glad this project is 3 parts and the last two parts are team assignments...hopefully I'll be able to learn this stuff a little better hearing it from students that are in the same boat as me; because although I do understand most of the material, the final exam counts for 40% of my final grade and I need to do better on that than anything. I got my eye on the prize and I refuse to let anything stand in the way (even if it's a class I have nearly 0 interest in, such as...Networks). So whatever I gotta do, I'm gonna do it...even if it means torture (like...Networks?). :)

You may notice that I use smiley faces a lot in my posts (and emails if we've ever spoken via email) ... I think I'm going to adopt this as somewhat of a trademark or identifier for myself. Smiling is such a good medicine, and I feel like the world need more "medicine" of this nature. So maybe, if I smile more, everyone else will smile more...maybe.

Well, now that I've stalled finishing up my Networks assignment, I'll go ahead and get back to what I was working on. I promise I'll try to update this thing more often...

Until next time... :)

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