Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ew, midterms...'s that time of the year. Midterms. Although it's a little earlier than I'm used to, the feeling's all the same; stress, anxiety, procrastination...but being that my workload isn't had heavy as undergrad, the 'side effects' aren't quite as bad. Nonetheless, I would MUCH rather be doing research right now than studying for my Networks midterm.

Anywho, besides being swamped with things to do, things aren't going to bad. I'm doing well in my classes and I've managed to get every assignment I get finished more than a day before it's due! Now, this may sound like 'yeah, whatever' to anyone else, but coming from the queen of procrastination (and a pretty good queen at that) I'm doing good! I'm trying to work on my time management/organization skills -- it honestly seems like the only thing that's going to keep me from having a mental break down in the next 5 years. Especially since I KNOW things are going to get worse--much worse--before they get better. I'm ok with that though, especially after just watching Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. For anyone who hasn't seen it, please watch it. For anyone who doesn't know, Randy Pausch is the father of Alice, a storytelling game that teaches kids how to program. If anyone knows what working hard will get you, it seems he does. Nothing's given to you, so to expect you must give...if I expect to get my Ph.D., I must give it 110%...give 50%, get 50%. You don't realize that's how it works until either it happens or someone else says it. So I may have seen that lecture at the right time.

I got feedback from my advisor concerning my paper I wrote...and he seemed to like it! :) Obviously it wasn't perfect, but for my first research paper he liked it much more than I thought he would. Now, just gotta plan my next moves...

Until next time...

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