Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My First Day

Mood: Super Excited!!

Today is my first day as Ph.D. student at North Carolina State far I have been able to meet with my new research advisor Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill and the Ph.D. student I'll be working with Yoonki Song. So far I'm super excited about working with them (and of course the visit to Google that is supposed to occur this semester! :D ) ... We're going to be working on static analysis tools for the Eclipse IDE--which I am not yet very experienced with, but will get there. This Friday I will get to meet the rest of the 'lab rats' I'll be working with, so I can't wait for that. I've already got a list of things to get done by our next meeting and I'm ready to get started! :D

As far as classes go, they don't seem too bad (especially since I only have a few anyways). Today, I had Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction (each of which I am quite excited about). It seems to be mainly a lot of reading and writing, which I need to work on anyways. Being that my course load isn't going to be too heavy I get to focus on research and transitioning into my journey as a Ph.D. student (hence the name of my blog).

On another note, I just found out I got a scholarship from Microsoft to attend Grace Hopper again this year; this time in Portland, Oregon!! :D [[finally gettin some traveling in]] I just gotta figure out what to do about missing classes for a week  :-/..

Stay tuned!

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