Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Practice Interview/Research Progress

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Hello again followers of my blog (if I have any :) )!

Sorry I'm not being as consistent with my blog posts...things are starting to pick up already so I'm spending most of my time getting things done for school/my research. But never fear....updates are here :)

First, I will fill you in on how the first practice interview went for myself and my partner Yoonki. Our first interview was with our advisor Dr. Murphy-Hill. Overall, I would say things went pretty well. The interview went a bit long and there are some definite improvements/adjustments that need to be made, but there were some good questions asked, good answers given and even better suggestions. One major decision we made was pertaining to the organization of the script. We decided in order to make it less tiring for the interviewee and more interesting, we would make the interview more hands on. To start, instead of just asking questions, we are going to see if we can get our interviewees to show us how they use their tools (when they get warnings, how do they deal with them, how to they set their preferences, etc.). We found that in the interview with Dr. Murphy-Hill we got more valuable information from him actually using the tool and giving us feedback as opposed to us just asking him to recall his experiences with the tool. We are also thinking about adding participatory design to our interviews. For anyone who doesn't know what participatory design is, check out this link for more info. Once we come up with a default format, I will put it up here.

As far as school is concerned, things are still going kind of slow. I'm getting assignments but my research is keeping me busier than anything (as I suspected). I feel that my software engineering class will be keeping me on my toes as well, but I can't quite tell yet. Either way, I'm keeping busy (which I like).

I'll probably end up posting more for today later on...but if not I'm going to try and keep updating at least every other day if not everyday.

Stay tuned!! :)

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